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DEXIBELL has a creative energy that is born from the desire to enhance the know-how, the talent and experience of some of the best and most highly regarded Italian designers and engineers.

The team, after 25 years of extraordinary innovation and success with leading brands worldwide, has established a dynamic and motivated workshop with an Italian business ethos.

‘Innovation, Tradition and Passion Without Compromise’


The keys begin.
The keys end.
They are not infinite, they.
They are 88.
You are infinite.

Alessandro Baricco

Here’s why DEXIBELL VIVO Technology is a gamechanger

True To Life (T2L) technology promises a new level of realism.
Early last year a new digital company Dexibell appeared on the radar.
The promise from the Italian company was to shake up the industry by introducing cutting-edge technology to the mainstream.

The first product category to receive the Dexibell treatment is the digital piano. But with all digital pianos sounding excellent these days, what can it possibly do which is so revolutionary?

The gamechanger was the decision to use a high power, extremely fast QUAD CORE CPU – as you’d find in high-end computers. This enabled the creation of the new T2L (True To Life) technology and opened the door to many unique features that were previously impossible on a hardware instrument. The bit depth could be increased from 16-bit to 24-bit, giving a massive 256 times the dynamic response of current instruments.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of T2L, however, is the ability of the fast processor to analyse the player’s actions and, in real time, add noises and nuances using acoustic modelling, which would naturally happen on a real acoustic instrument.

For the first time in digital hardware, the player feels in complete control of the sound !
And this time you can have the best sound and dynamic, without the latency of a computer based audio & midi setup.

Watch the videos below to see Dexibell VIVO Piano compared to a selection of high-end piano plugins.



VIVO Home matches the beautiful design perfectly with incredible sound quality. We had an idea: buck the trend that sees digital pianos as fake copies of acoustic pianos and create a piano with a distinct soul and a superb unique design. We crafted the best aesthetics for the best technology. 


VIVO Portable is simple and unique. A pro digital piano simplified in use and functional access. Lightweight and with 2 Full Range Speakers, VIVO Portable is perfect in every situation, from studying to concerts.


VIVO Stage is the Pro version of DEXIBELL pianos. On stage it excels. The musician can control each aspect of the technology T2L by physical controllers. VIVO Stage fits like a glove, making itself a natural extension to the musician.


The Dexibell Combo J7 and the Classico L3 are based on the amazing T2L (True To Life) technology. The CLASSICO L3 offers an amazing sound quality never achieved before in the reproduction of classical organ sounds. The Combo J7 is the very first Portable Digital Organ with Motorized Drawbars that offers tone-wheel and vintage transistor organ sounds, solving the common problem in every Organ Keyboard: the wrong position of Draw Bars after a “preset/memory recall”.


Details are everything to us and each accessory has a consistent marriage between design, material quality and uniqueness. This Genuine Accessory line has been designed from the ground up to make the VIVO experience more enjoyable. The line includes genuine Dexibell branded Padded Bags, Benches, Professional Headphones, Covers, Pedals, End Panels and Cases.


Stevie Wonder

Fabbio Coppini

Stevie Wonder is captured by our natural & realistic VIVO sound

Last year Stevie Wonder and his team stumbled upon the Dexibell booth not knowing who we were. This year his management specifically asked to have Stevie in our booth (at Stevie’s request) and after playing the S7 again we are delighted to announce that he has taken one for his studio. You can see him performing on the S7 on our Facebook and Instagram pages. In addition to this, his keyboard players, Shelea and Victoria Theodore (the latter also works with Beyoncé) also want a VIVO stage too.




Turn your DEXIBELL VIVO Piano or Keyboard into an arranger!

Real Audio Accompaniment completely controlled by live chord progression.

The dream of every musician! Arrangers will no longer be what they once were, thanks to our patented cutting edge technology Harmony Poly-Fragmentor©

And the best thing it’s free for registered Dexibell users !

Check out www.xmure.net







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